17.11.2022 07:30 AM GMT
Live Online Course
Event Host
Paul Craddy & Graham Foxon
Event Description

RWE is now a critical area of expertise in pharmaceutical companies, engaging various functions such as HEOR, Medical Affairs, R&D and Commercial. There are many challenges in the process of successfully implementing RWE. Executives participating in this open-enrolment course will contribute much more effectively in the cross-functional organisation that RWE requires.

The course covers the basics required to understand what RWE is, why it is important, who needs/uses it and how you can utilise it effectively to help your role. The content contains the recent developments on RWE, as well as real life case studies on how RWE can be used and potential challenges that can arise.

  • Grasp the meaning, concepts, terminology, methodologies and research techniques of Real World Evidence (RWE) in the context of optimising Market Access.
  • Know what each stakeholder type expects from RWE, which key data to use and how to develop a successful RWE study
  • Learn how to incorporate RWE into the product pre-launch process.
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