UK the next hub for Biosimilars

3 Reasons the UK may be the next hub for Biosimilars


Biosimilars could be launching a lot earlier in the UK than the EU thanks to new guidance, improved HCP education and lenient Bolar exemption legislation. More on each of these below.

1.Confirmatory efficacy trials not required

The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has now released new guidance which details that for most cases, the UK will not require a confirmatory efficacy trial, unlike the EU.

2.Increased Education

To drive the switch to biosimilar use, and position the UK as a desirable launch market, there’s increased focus on educating and engaging professionals on the topic. Uptake of biosimilars is already increasing, particularly in Oncology.

3.Bolar Exemption

The Bolar exemption allows manufactures to conduct necessary studies and trials without the risk of patent infringement. Though available throughout the EU, its implementation varies between countries. The UK legislation offers the broadest form of exemption.

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