Paul Craddy, PhD
Managing Director & Founder

Paul Craddy founded Remap Consulting in January 2014 to help clients optimise their pricing, health economics and market access outcomes.

Prior to that, Paul was Head of Diabetes for Pricing, Market Access and Health Economics for EUCAN within Takeda Pharmaceuticals. In this role, Paul was responsible for leading the franchise including managing the launch of a new diabetes therapy, providing input into R&D for pipeline products and optimising in-market products. Paul was also a member of the PMAHE management team, helping set the strategic direction of the PMAHE department.

During his time in Nycomed, Paul led the strategic pricing team responsible for global pricing decisions for Nycomed’s global brands. He was also a core member of the PMAHE integration team during the Takeda takeover, helping to design and implement the new PMAHE organisation within Takeda.

Preceding Nycomed, Paul was a PMA consultant with IMS Consulting based in Cambridge, UK. Here, he managed numerous global PMA projects across a variety of international clients, developing launch pricing strategies, creating payer value propositions & communications and managing market access reorganisations.

Paul holds a PhD in molecular biology from Edinburgh University and has a BSc Biology from Manchester University.

Graham Foxon, PhD, MBA
Managing Director & Founder

With over 20 years pharmaceutical experience, within both consultancy and pharmaceutical companies, Graham brings expertise in embedding market access drivers into clinical development programme; developing global product launch pricing strategies and producing HTA submissions to address payers’ pricing and reimbursement requirements.

Graham’s industry experience includes GSK, start-up biotech companies and Ferring pharmaceuticals. During his time at Ferring Graham was Global Head of Market Access and Pricing taking responsibility for all market access activities from incorporation of payer value into clinical development programs through to development and implementation of the market access and pricing strategy for global product launches.

Graham’s consultancy experience was obtained within both IMS consulting (previously Cambridge Pharma) and Adelphi Values whereby he was responsible for global pricing and reimbursement projects ranging from strategic insights to global pharmaceutical companies; market access training to senior management and affiliates; development of biosimilar access strategies and EU pricing and reimbursement submissions.

Graham has worked across many therapeutic areas including Oncology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Fertility, Obstetrics and Endocrinology.

Graham has a Ph.D. in neuropharmacology from Durham University and an MBA from Aston University. He currently lives in near Manchester, UK.

Janice Haigh
Practice Lead

With over 25 years’ experience, Janice stands as a seasoned problem-solver, having honed her expertise in both consultancy and the pharmaceutical industry. Throughout her career, she has deftly navigated across disciplines, seamlessly bridging the gap between global departments and country affiliates to ensure the effective implementation of strategies.

Prior to joining Remap in 2023, Janice held the position of Vice President within Parexel’s global pricing and market access team, managing a team of 50 consultants, and delivered a wide range of global projects in market access strategy, evidence optimization and value communications.

Among her distinguished roles, Janice served as the Senior Director of pricing and market access at Astellas Pharma Europe. During her tenure, she designed and delivered a parallel trade management system which restored revenues in the EEA. Additionally, she was responsible for developing pricing and market access strategies for new products, collaborating with multi-disciplinary brand teams and country affiliates to optimize launch.

Janice’s expertise further shone in her role as the Practice Lead at Quintiles Advisory Services where she seamlessly integrated market access thinking with technical disciplines such as health economics modelling and biostatistics, paving the way for holistic pricing and market access strategies. She fostered relationships across a range of functions including clinical, RWE, and commercial, culminating in the development of integrated solutions tailored to address intricate client inquiries involving both strategy and implementation.

In her first market access role as Principal for IMS/Cambridge Pharma Consultancy, she delivered client solutions in distribution strategy, “supply chain integrity”, the impact of EU enlargement and pricing and market access across multiple therapy areas, geographies, therapy areas and at all stages of development and commercialization.

Janice has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Royal Holloway College and a master’s in management science from Imperial College London.

Charlie Hewitt

Charlie has 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, split between both consultancy and NICE. Prior to joining Remap Consulting, Charlie worked at a pharmaceutical market research agency and a healthcare strategy consulting company, acting as the main client lead on life science consultancy projects for companies ranging from small biotech to large global pharma. Charlie also spent over 2 years working in NICE’s technology appraisals team, where he led the development of committee materials and guidance documents across a wide range of therapy areas.

Charlie is experienced in managing pricing and market (PMA) access projects for pharmaceutical and biotech clients, including pricing and reimbursement landscape analyses, health technology assessment (HTA) dossier development, HTA scientific advice (both parallel and individual), payer advisory boards and interviews, value proposition and value dossier development, pricing strategies and training materials. Charlie has PMA expertise across a range of therapy areas and topics, including psoriasis, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, biosimilars, multiple myeloma and DLBCL.

Charlie has an MSc in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering from University College London, and a BSc in Biological Sciences from the University of Warwick.

Christina Baker
People & Culture Senior Director

With over 18 years of experience in the field of people and talent acquisition, Christina is a seasoned professional who has gained a deep understanding of the challenges associated with acquiring and retaining top talent in the Market Access and HEOR sp ace. For the past seven years, she has been an instrumental part of the transformation and growth of PRMA Consulting worldwide, now known as Avalere Health, serving as their Global People Director.

Christina possesses a passionate and can-do attitude. Her work is firmly anchored in a values-driven and positive mindset, always striving to find pragmatic solutions to even the most challenging situations. She leads by example, inspiring her colleagues to excel in their roles.

An essential aspect of Christina’s leadership is her high emotional intelligence and sensitivity, enabling her to adapt her management style to suit the unique needs of each individual. This approach fosters strong buy-in from team members and creates a supportive and collaborative work environment.

Christina is a dedicated advocate for employee well-being and diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the employee lifecycle. She serves as a mental health first aider, demonstrating her commitment to supporting the health of her colleagues and creating an inclusive workplace where every individual feels valued and heard.

Market Access Team

Fatima Chunara
Associate Director

Fatima has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, both within consultancy and NICE.

Prior to joining Remap, Fatima worked at Consulting for McCann Health, where she supported clients in the development of value propositions and global value dossiers. Fatima also spent nearly 3 years working in NICE’s technology appraisals team, where she provided technical leadership during the appraisal process, including through development of committee materials and guidance documents.

During her time at Remap, Fatima has gained significant experience in managing projects and supporting clients through their market access journey. This has included pricing and reimbursement landscape analyses, opportunity assessments, market access strategy development, HTA dossier development and the development and delivery of training materials. Fatima has PMA experience across a range of therapeutic areas, including in oncology, rare diseases and autoimmune diseases.

Fatima has a BSc in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Manchester.

Mike Thomas
Associate Director

Mike is an associate director who is proficient in working with clients to understand and provide solutions to their market access problems.

Over the last five years at Remap Consulting, he has gained significant experience in managing projects, from rapid-fire commercial assessments, payer research programs, structural re-organisation and HTA submissions. Additionally, Mike has developed expertise in the development and delivery of training of complex market access and pricing topics.

Mike has been involved on projects covering a diverse range of healthcare topics, particularly in dermatology, rare diseases and endocrinology.

Prior to joining Remap Consulting, Mike was a Medical Affairs Operations Executive at ViiV Healthcare, working in projects involving digital clinical data tools, medical affairs governance and process improvement initiatives.

Mike has a BSc in Pharmacology from the University of Leeds.

Devan Hopkinson, PhD
Associate Director

Devan is an Associate Director with over six years of experience in pharmaceutical market access (PMA) consultancy, adept at managing projects and guiding clients through their market access journey. Her expertise includes landscape analyses, market access strategy development, value propositions and dossiers, objection handling, and early HTA advice and submission dossiers, with a particular focus on EUnetHTA21 JSC and JCA submissions.

Devan leverages her problem-solving skills and strategic insights across a diverse array of PMA topics, including genomic test readiness and surrogate endpoint validation. She began her career in the real-world evidence (RWE) team at a consulting firm, specialising in systematic and targeted literature reviews, evidence generation planning, and RWE study design.

With extensive PMA experience across multiple therapeutic areas, including oncology, rare diseases, neuroscience, and vaccines, Devan brings a comprehensive perspective to her work.

She holds a PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, both from the University of Manchester.

Kavitha Baruah
Senior Consultant

Kavitha is an experienced consultant with a rich background in diverse therapeutic areas, collaborating with pharmaceutical companies on multifaceted projects.

Over the past seven years, Kavitha has honed her expertise in real-world evidence consulting, crafting value dossiers, and developing compelling payer value propositions. Her skills extend to conducting systematic and targeted literature reviews, formulating HTA strategies and orchestrating market access launch plans.

Kavitha’s academic journey led to her to earn a DPhil in Biochemistry from the prestigious University of Oxford in 2021, laying the foundation for her impactful career in the pharmaceutical consulting landscape.

With a passion for bridging science and business, Kavitha consistently brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic acumen to her consultancy endeavours.

Lauren Boland, PhD

Lauren is a consultant with ample academic experience and is dedicated to providing a high working standard to understand clients’ market access problems and to facilitate their needs.

Since joining Remap Consulting she has gained experience in pricing research, economic model development, competitive landscape analysis, payer research, analogue analysis and HTA submissions. Projects have covered a range of therapy areas but those with a special focus have included diseases of the CNS, fertility-related diseases, and rare diseases.

Prior to joining Remap Consulting Lauren gained a grounding in market access at DRG Abacus and gained experience in creating, co-ordinating and delivering training materials through a teaching role at Imperial College London.

Lauren obtained a first-class degree in Biology at the University of York and went on to gain a masters and Ph.D. from The National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College London where she focused on the molecular responses after cardiac injury.

Gillian Nicol

Gillian is a consultant with over four years’ experience in market access who is dedicated to delivering high quality work and tailored solutions that meet clients’ needs.

Prior to joining Remap Consulting, Gillian worked at a pharmaceutical consultancy where she gained a breadth of experience in managing the delivery of value dossiers, health technology assessment (HTA) compliant literature reviews, health state utility studies, and payer value communication tools. As the primary client contact and project lead, Gillian ensured the development of high-quality deliverables to inform clients’ decision-making and optimise market access success. Across projects, Gillian has developed expertise in a number of therapy areas including infectious diseases, chronic inflammatory conditions, rare diseases, and oncology.

Gillian has a BSc in Biomedical Science from the University of Sheffield where she specialised in pharmacology and physiology.

Leslie Keogh, MD, PhD
Senior Analyst

Leslie has substantial clinical and academic experience, is committed to the highest standards and is capable of facilitating the provision of bespoke solutions to clients’ pricing and market access needs. 

Leslie is a medical doctor with over nine years of clinical experience. Upon completion of her medical degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, she specialised in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. During her years of clinical practice in Mexico, she gained experience working in secondary and tertiary care across the different national healthcare subsystems.

Prior to joining Remap, she completed a masters degree in Translational Medicine and a Ph.D. in Genomics from the University of Manchester. Whilst based in the multidisciplinary environment of the North West Genomic Laboratory Hub (NHS), Leslie developed several research skills and expanded her knowledge on a breadth of genetic rare disease disorders and the role of genomic strategies in precision medicine.

Julia Tokarska
Senior Analyst

Julia is an analyst whose extensive experience in client-oriented roles allow her to efficiently assess clients’ needs and provide professional assistance.

During her time at university, Julia gained valuable insight into all stages of drug design and development. She sharpened her primary and secondary research skills on projects from areas including biocatalysis for drug development and metabolomics in disease diagnostics. As an avid educator with an analytical mind, Julia is passionate about finding the most effective ways of communicating complex data and ideas.

Julia studied Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry at the University of Manchester and is awaiting to graduate with First Class Bachelor’s degree this September.

Giulia Chirico
Senior Analyst

Giulia is a senior analyst with extensive experience across multiple client-facing sectors, enabling her to understand how to best address different clients’ needs.

Prior to joining Remap, Giulia achieved a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics of Health at UCL, where she focused on HTA processes and the cross-country variation in the value assessments of drugs and medical devices. She is also trained in critical appraisals of both primary and secondary research, including systematic reviews and hence has a comprehensive understanding of evidence evaluation.

In addition, Giulia has a thorough understanding of a variety of economic evaluations, such as cost-effectiveness analysis, including cost-utility analysis. Similarly, she has gained experience in the collection of Patient- Reported Outcomes including the challenges involved in the face and content validity of their measures.

Sam Bean
Senior Analyst

Sam is a senior analyst whose prior experience in client-orientated roles, allows him to efficiently understand clients’ needs and provide effective assistance.

Prior to joining Remap Sam completed a BSc in Biochemistry at the University of Bath before going on to obtain a distinction for his master’s degree in Biotechnology and Enterprise at the University of Manchester. Both these academic successes have helped Sam develop his primary and secondary research skills on projects in areas such as scaffold design for regenerative medicine and cancer epigenetics. From this, Sam gained valuable expertise in data analysis and is passionate about applying these skills and experiences to meet the needs of his clients.

During his time at university, Sam participated in extracurricular activities allowing him to gain experience in collaborating, coordinating, and communicating on projects to deliver a valuable outcome.

Vishal Chanda

Vishal is an analyst with prior experience in client-facing roles, enabling him to effectively assess and accommodate clients’ needs.

During Vishal’s time at university, he contributed to research into cerebral small vessel disease, developing a variety of skills in both primary and secondary research. This experience also helped Vishal to gain the knowledge to perform systematic literature reviews, generate reports and presentations, and to work as part of a research team. Furthermore, Vishal gained valuable experience into data analysis and is summarily passionate about using these skills to the benefit of his clients.

Vishal studied at the University of Manchester where he obtained a first-class MSci degree in Neuroscience.

Aoife Taylor, PhD

Aoife is an accomplished analyst with extensive experience in collecting and analysing data from a wide range of sources. Her passion for understanding complex information and translating it into actionable insights was honed through her Ph.D.

Aoife has also made significant strides in the business world, as the CEO of a bio-materials start-up, where she gained invaluable experience working with various stakeholders. In this role, Aoife’s strong communication skills and ability to bridge the gap between technical analysis and practical business considerations were crucial.

In her free time, Aoife enjoys being in nature. Her sense for adventurous takes her to exciting new places, and she is a keen open water swimmer and rock climber.

Aoife holds a Ph.D. in biophysical chemistry from the University of Manchester as well as an MChem from Cardiff University.

Rahul Vadehra

Rahul is an accomplished professional with a diverse background in pharmacy and finance allowing him to approach business challenges with a holistic perspective, offering innovative solutions to clients in both sectors.

With a solid foundation as a qualified Pharmacist, Rahul possesses valuable clinical experience in primary care, enabling him to understand the intricacies of healthcare delivery from a practical perspective. As a passionate educator, Rahul invests his time towards researching new strategies that can help improve patient outcomes.

Rahul’s journey in the corporate world began at Deloitte working his way to assistant manager where he focused on leadership, project management and attention to detail. By leveraging these skills, Rahul is able to drive positive results for both clients and patients in the healthcare industry.

Rahul holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy from the University of Reading, where his dissertation looking at neurodegenerative disorders was awarded the Reading School of Pharmacy Award 2019.

Manahill Baig

A recent graduate of the University of Newcastle, Manahill earned a First Class BSc in Biomedical Sciences with her dissertation showcased at the prestigious annual Three Rivers Consortium where she was recognized as a distinguished student speaker.

Her academic achievements highlight her proficiency in metabolic disorders and epigenetics research, showcasing her ability to contribute meaningfully to projects. With a focus on data analysis, Manahill brings valuable expertise to her role, demonstrating a genuine interest in utilising these skills for the benefit of her clients.

She also has hands-on experience with NICE guidelines and has successfully completed two clinical audits during her placement.

Solen Monteil, PhD
Theia Kwong

Theia is an accomplished analyst with a wealth of experience in ESG consulting, bringing a diverse background that uniquely enriches her contributions to Remap’s projects.

Recently earning her MSc in Global Health Policy from the London School of Economics, Theia developed a robust understanding of the NHS and other healthcare systems in the EU. Throughout her academic journey, a profound interest in market access emerged during her exploration of pharmaceutical policies and economics modules, propelling her towards a career in this dynamic field.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Geography and International Development, Theia spent a year at Ernst & Young as an analyst, delivering impactful ESG consulting services to corporate clients across various industries. Her involvement in international and local projects equipped her with valuable skills, including building rapport with clients from diverse backgrounds, and analysing and presenting qualitative and quantitative data with ease. Theia finds immense joy in the consulting space due to the project diversity that enables her to learn new things every day.

Beyond market access, Theia is deeply committed to mental health within the health policy realm. Her dissertation involved a systematic review and meta-thematic analysis, examining factors influencing men’s psychological help-seeking behaviour to develop a model for the NHS’s mental health service delivery.

Joyce Atim

Joyce is an experienced analyst within the life sciences sector, specialising in intellectual property.

Holding a BSc in Biomedical Science with first-class honours from the University of Essex, she was recognised with the School of Life Sciences Excellence Scholarship. Continuing her academic journey, Joyce earned her master’s degree in biotechnology and business management from the University of Warwick.

Transitioning into the professional realm, Joyce joined a prominent global Intellectual Property firm as a Project Manager. Here, she collaborated closely with clients on various projects including research reports, webinars, and client workshops. This experience not only honed her skills in project management but also provided her with a deep understanding of research and analytics, as well as commercialisation strategies.

One notable project involved mapping the competitive landscape of a given indication, igniting Joyce’s interest in pricing and reimbursement strategies, particularly in the context of market access.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Joyce is passionate about exploring new health innovations and their potential impact on both healthcare systems and industry, seeking opportunities to contribute to transformative business practises.

Sales & Marketing

Kate Noble
Business Director

Kate has over 10 years of experience in business development, including business-to-business sales, consultancy provision and client relationship management across a broad range of industries. Kate has a keen eye for new and innovative commercial opportunities worldwide and works strategically with both internal and external stakeholders.

Prior to joining Remap, Kate spent five years with the Sanger Institute, driving forward commercial success for COSMIC, the Catalogue of Somatic Mutations in Cancer, the world’s largest and most comprehensive resource for exploring the impact of somatic mutations in human cancer. Kate’s responsibilities included negotiating licensing and access to genomics data, building key contacts and financial sustainability for the resource with a global network of clients from leading commercial biotech, pharmaceutical, drug discovery, clinical labs and data platform/SaaS companies in the US, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Kate’s passion lies in her strategic ability to manage stakeholders, perform commercial data analysis, project sponsorship and delivery of complex recommendations.

Kate is particularly enthusiastic about establishing business relationships with a strong client-focus from the outset, building a solid network with a wide range of connections. One of the things she enjoys most is making connections across the world with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, across time zones. Her aim is always to first understand a client’s needs and help provide support in obtaining the tools and advice they need to overcome the complexities faced.

Amy Rudd, ACIM
Head of Marketing

Amy is a proactive and achievement-oriented Marketing Lead with a proven track record of delivering successful marketing, brand and social media campaigns that drive conversions and meet organisational objectives.

As an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Amy holds a Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing and is working towards becoming a Chartered Marketer. She also holds certifications in SEO Best Practise, LinkedIn Marketing and Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

In addition to managing social media platforms, Amy is proficient in Adobe Creative Suite, Google Analytics, CRM systems and WordPress.

Prior to joining Remap Consulting, Amy gained professional experience at Greene King PLC providing marketing and brand development support for the Hungry Horse commercial team.

Amy also holds a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Sheffield Hallam University.


Sarah Bailey
Training & Operations Manager

With over 23 years’ experience working within the pharmaceutical and healthcare consultancy industry, Sarah brings a wealth of experience in operational management, training development and design, and project support.

Using her extensive design techniques, allows Sarah to craft visually compelling presentations and interactive market access eLearning training programs. She consistently upholds the highest standards, ensuring that the content she produces aligns seamlessly with your company’s brand guidelines and technical specifications.

Employing a rich blend of instructional design techniques and methodologies, Sarah is adept at tailoring her approach to various learning environments. Her skill set covers a spectrum of delivery methods, ranging from virtual platforms to face-to-face interactions, including eLearning modules, classroom-based workshops, dynamic PowerPoint presentations, and engaging webinars.

Complementing her hands-on experience, Sarah holds an ISEB qualification in Program & Project Support Office, showcasing her commitment to maintaining the highest standards in project execution. Additionally, she proudly boasts an Articulate Storyline accreditation, underlining her expertise in creating effective training content.

Andrea Perez
Presentations Specialist

Andrea has over 20 years experience in graphic design, with a passion to create captivating and engaging presentations, branding materials, marketing collateral, and website design, for non-profits, corporations, and small businesses worldwide. She is also experienced in motion graphics, grant writing, video editing, social media communications, mural painting and project management.

Andrea likes to be creative and to think outside the box. She speaks Spanish, English, and Portuguese. Outside of work, Andrea enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and is an avid movie fanatic! She’s also proud to support many NGOs.

Andrea holds a BA in Multimedia Animation from the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador, as well as a Master’s degree in Project Management from the Universidad para la Cooperación Internacional in Mexico.

Bea Mitchell
Project & Operations Executive

Bea brings over a decade of experience in the events industry, where her strong organisational skills and keen eye for detail have proven invaluable. As an Operations Executive, Bea is adept at coordinating logistics, managing schedules, and ensuring seamless event execution. Her ability to multitask and problem-solve under pressure makes her a valuable asset to her team.

Born in Menorca, Bea is fluent in Spanish, Catalan, and English, adding a multicultural edge to her professional capabilities. She leverages her linguistic skills to communicate effectively with diverse stakeholders, ensuring clarity and efficiency in all interactions.

Outside of work, Bea enjoys baking and even runs her own cake business! She loves spending time outdoors and traveling back home to Menorca whenever she can to enjoy the sunshine. Bea’s varied interests and background bring a unique perspective to her role.

Bea holds a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism Media and Cultural Studies from Cardiff University