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Launch Implementation

We can support you in implementing your EU pricing and access strategy.


Go to market strategy

The first step in preparing for your access strategy is to develop your regional and local ‘go to market’ access strategy. We can support you in developing such a strategy to:

  • Assist in the right product positioning considering local treatment environment
  • Identify relevant stakeholders and develop an effective communication plan
  • Determine the pricing and access pathway taking into account national, regional and local implications
  • Timeline and resource implications of your access strategy

Achieve Patient Access

HTA / Pricing & Reimbursement submissions

  • Remap Consulting can support you in the development of country specific pricing and reimbursement / HTA submissions required to gain a reimbursable price and patient access
  • Given the significant resource requirements and local pricing and reimbursement expertise required for a successful HTA / pricing and reimbursement submission, many companies seek additional support
  • Working with our local pricing and reimbursement experts we support our clients in the development and submission of pricing and reimbursement / HTA dossiers
  • This ensures that the product’s value is captured within the submission and that all relevant information required for local submissions is incorporated and effectively communicated within the dossiers
  • To date, Remap Consulting has been involved in over 60 pricing and reimbursement submissions across 25 countries, providing real world insights that can help ensure a successful product launch

Expert Support

UK access and NICE submissions

Preparing to launch your product in the UK can be a daunting experience. We can support you throughout the whole process from:

  • Developing your UK access plan
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Department of Health and Social care price submission
  • NHS clinician and stakeholder engagement
  • NICE (and SMC) submissions and support you throughout the entire NICE/SMC evaluation process