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Meet your next launch strategy partner

Remap Consulting is the pricing and market access launch partner to help you launch with confidence.

How we can support you:
Pricing & Reimbursement Launch Strategy
HTA/Payer Early Dialogue
Payer Value Communication Strategy
Launch Implementation

We can help you

  • Develop and implement a pricing and market access launch strategy for your product
  • Provide pricing and market access launch expertise to global, regional and local teams
  • Prepare, file and co-ordinate country specific HTA / pricing and reimbursement submissions
  • Obtain early payer scientific advice to integrate payer insights into your clinical development program
  • Develop an evidence-based value proposition that resonates with payers

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I really enjoyed working with Remap Consulting and received powerful advice. A small company like ours needs to receive a flexible approach in order start with market access activities, and I am very happy to see you are as flexible as possible with us.

Director of Market Access
Small pharma payer insights for clinical trials

Remap Consulting’s pricing knowledge and support has been critical to the success of our new pricing team. Their combined experience has provided them with ‘real-world‘ knowledge that can support their recommendations. I highly recommend Remap Consulting and am delighted to continue my work with their pricing group.

Senior Director, Head of Global Pricing
Outsourcing pricing activities for large biotech

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