DTx Trends in EU5

Digital Therapeutics Trends in EU5


Digital Therapeutics a $56billion globally opportunity by 2025!*

The unprecedented growth of the Digital Therapeutic Market (DTx) has been one of the key highlights of recent years.

Today we share a quick overview of the 3 key DTx trends we’ll be seeing in the near future:

  1. Rising interest in DTx
    COVID-19 served as an accelerator of the digitalisation of healthcare. Increasing number of patients and KOLs seek innovative treatment options, such as DTx.
  2. Development of clear reimbursement pathways
    Germany is the first country to have implemented a P&R pathway specific to DTx. NICE regularly update their Evidence Standards Framework for Digital Health Technologies. The rest of the EU5 countries are likely to develop such pathways in the future.
  3. Increasing reimbursement rates of DTx
    The adoption of specific regulatory and P&R pathways to DTx is likely to translate into more DTx being reimbursed.

* source: 2020 Digital Therapeutics Report by Insider Intelligence

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