AmerisourceBergen aims to make access to digital therapeutics easier
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US: AmerisourceBergen aims to make access to digital therapeutics easier


American drug distributor AmerisourceBergen is working on a platform to make access to digital therapeutics (DTx) easier in the US by providing a unified system for ordering, dispensing and fulfilment.

The new system – called DTx Connect – aims to help doctors order both prescription and non-prescription DTx and diagnostics through a simple interface, and monitor shipping and delivery to their patients. The platform is designed to integrate with electronic medical records (EMR) and provide a catalogue of digital therapies and diagnostics for doctors to tap into.

It will be piloted by several DTx developers, including Mahana Therapeutics which has developed DTx for chronic health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and Videra Health, a specialist in online consultations and remote patient monitoring.

So how does it work?

After a doctor orders a product, DTx Connect delivers a welcome message to the patient via text or within a patient portal, along with an electronic link to download the DTx and any accompanying educational materials.

Doctors will be able to see if the patient has downloaded and is using the DTx, and patients can have access to text, app and phone-based services to keep them engaged with the treatment.

The importance…

The move is further evidence of the maturation of the digital health sector, which has grown exponentially in recent years thanks to the pandemic driving changes in the reimbursement and coverage landscape, and increasing interest among pharma companies in bundling DTx with their medicinal products.

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