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France: €7.5 billion for Health Innovation Plan 2030


France’s Health Innovation Plan 2030, announced by President Emmanuel Macron back in June 2021, will have a budget of €7.5 billion, according to the local press. The Plan is intended to establish France as a leader in healthcare in Europe.  

The plan focuses in particular on encouraging innovation across biotherapies, digital health, emerging infectious diseases and medical technologies.  

  • €2.4 billion to accelerate development in biotherapies, digital health, emerging infectious diseases and medical technologies as well as in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear risks. €800 million of this will be devoted to the development and production of biological medicines. Indeed, the plan is to develop by 2030 at least 20 biological drugs to treat cancers, emerging diseases and chronic diseases, including age-related diseases. A further €275 million is set aside for “future technologies” including monoclonal antibodies, and CAR-T therapies.  
  • €2.1 billion to support the emergence, growth and industrialisation of healthcare start-ups by Bpifrance (the French Public Investment Bank) 
  • €1.5 billion provided to support industrial investments by calls for national projects and an IPCEI (Important Project of Common European Interest) to improve support for the development of healthcare innovations 
  • €1 billion investment in research focussed to support clusters, translational research, attracting high-level scientists and R&D infrastructures 
  • €500 million to support the maturation of technologies and clinical trials. 

A dedicated committee will oversee the strategic implementation of the plan. It will work closely with the new Health Innovation Agency which is due to be launched later in 2022.  


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