Payer insights for clinical trials
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Payer insights for clinical trials


Gaining payer insights to inform phase III clinical trial design

Understanding payer value and evidence requirements to secure pricing and reimbursement for an oncology product across the EU.

The challenge

Our client sought to gain insight into payer perceptions of their product, which was about to enter phase III trials. The new product had a novel mechanism of action and the potential to alter the existing treatment paradigm. Therefore, our client wanted to understand the clinical and economic evidence requirements that drive payer decision making as well as to determine a potential price range for their product.

The solution

Remap Consulting conducted a HTA landscape assessment to determine potential payer evidence requirements. We then developed bespoke payer discussion guides to conduct payer interviews in the UK, France and Germany. Based on the findings we provided strategic recommendations to our client with the aim to maximize their potential for securing EU pricing and reimbursement.

Value to the client

Partnering with Remap Consulting enabled our client to:

  • Understand the HTA landscape
  • Obtain focused payer insights for the product
  • Identify EU payer evidence requirements to secure reimbursement at an optimized price
  • Address identified payer evidence gaps, across the company, through the interactive workshop
  • Ensure phase III trial design incorporates payer relevant endpoints


lly enjoyed working with Remap Consulting and received powerful advice. A small new company like ours needs to receive a flexible approach in order to start with market access activities, and I am very happy to see that you are as flexible as possible with us.

Director of Market Access

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