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Germany: Significant interest has been aroused by the G-BA with 200+ applications for the innovation fund


From 2016, the Innovation Fund has served as an instrument of central health policy to promote new forms of healthcare research in Germany.

The latest funding announcements have evidently garnered great interest, as following the application deadline, 231 applications for financial support from the innovation fund were received for funding in health services research for the further development of care in statutory health insurance – the second highest quantity of applications in this area of funding. Moreover, there were 31 applications for funding in the development or further development of selected medical guidelines. In the next step of the process, the G-BA Innovation Committee will now evaluate which projects in the two areas will receive funding, with advice being considered from volunteer members from the pool of experts in science and healthcare. New funding announcements are to be published next summer.  

The €200 million fund provided for by statutory health insurance (GKV) is split amongst different areas of research according to the G-BA Innovation Committee who determine the qualifying criteria. Criteria for submissions this year were determined and outlined in a funding announcement from the G-BA.

The topics outlined are projects in the field of health services research: 

  • Health in climate change 
  • Medical guidelines – digitisation and networking of quality-assured guideline knowledge and further developments of methodology 
  • Health services research to improve the situation of affected people in the supply of aids 
  • Improving specialised medical and dental care in inpatient settings and care facilities 
  • Prerequisites for the development and requirements for the implementation of eHealth in patient care 
  • Health services research on aftercare and discharge management 
  • Drug therapy – Effects of Switching from Best Supportive Care or Off-Label use towards indication-specific approved medicinal products 

Or projects in the development or further development of medical guidelines: 

  • Care for more frequent illnesses with a cross-sectoral need for coordination 
  • Care for target groups with special needs 
  • Health of the population/public health 
  • Intensive care of critically ill patients 


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