Pricing and market access skills

Are your company’s pricing and market access skills up to the job?


With ongoing healthcare reforms focused on reducing healthcare costs, the payer environment has become increasingly challenging. Obtaining market access at the right time and at an appropriate price has become more complex for pharmaceutical companies, increasingly requiring input from multiple teams. In a review of the 2016 financial reports of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies, the negative impact of increasing payer influence on securing patient access was highlighted consistently. This indicates that pricing and reimbursement considerations are now taken seriously by senior management teams within the pharmaceutical industry.

Although many pharmaceutical companies are moving in the right direction and integrating market access across the company, in many organisations this is still a work in progress. A critical industry challenge is ensuring that employees across the organisation understand the importance of market access and how the respective functions (e.g. regulatory, clinical development, finance) contribute to a successful market access strategy.

Many pharmaceutical companies are working to address this through the provision of training modules and workshops, yet the effectiveness of this training is unclear. Our experience suggests that there is a market access knowledge gap within pharmaceutical organisations and we’d be interested to hear your views on this.

How does your organisation compare to its peers in addressing the market access knowledge gap?

We have developed a short survey with the aim of understanding how pricing and market access is regarded within your organisation and what your organisation is actively doing to enhance their market access capabilities. We would very much appreciate it if you could spare five minutes to complete the survey.

How does your organisation compare

If you provide your email address, we would be delighted to provide you with an anonymised bespoke report, highlighting how your organisation benchmarks in terms of market access training relative to others in the industry. The global results will be anonymised and published in our next newsletter.

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