Cross-functional Collaboration

Cross-functional Collaboration


Is cross-functional collaboration the key to improving market access?

Creating Market Access Opportunities Through Internal Upskilling

Successful market access is rooted in evidence generation that responds to payer needs.

There is a large opportunity many companies are still yet to seize in this area. That is, implementing an integrated and cross functional approach to generating evidence.

It is no news that by working together we are able to achieve much more than ploughing on in silos. By upskilling internal teams, companies develop the possibility of generating evidence that proactively addresses payer needs early in the clinical development process. This can help to reduce delays in securing patient access and thus, possibly shortening launch timelines.

We conducted a survey to explore the key market access challenges companies are facing. It showed that generating evidence and clinical data, and having it available at the HTA submission, are all rated as significant to highly significant challenges by 38% – 39% of companies.

Graph showcasing external payer launch challenges.

This is all whilst, a survey exploring market access training across departments showcases little support given to upskill internal teams on the topic. The survey showed that only 9% of individuals working in clinical development departments receive market access training, in comparison to the 47% who think they would benefit from it. Similarly, only 16% of individuals working in regulatory and 41% in medical affairs are currently supported to upskill on the topic of market access.

Graph showcasing market access training delivered across departments

Through facilitating the development of internal market access knowledge, pharmaceutical and biotech companies are able to set themselves apart from competitors and open up new opportunities by enabling their teams to generate evidence with payers top of mind early on in the development process.

Here are 3 simple ways you can help to facilitate internal market access upskilling in your company:

  • Lunch and Learns: a modern company favourite. Lunch and learns are a great opportunity for the market access team to share their knowledge with other departments.
  • Monthly round ups: with so many continuous updates there’s always something new happening in the world of market access. Circulate the top news in a company wide monthly round-up to keep everyone updated and regularly reenergise the topic.
  • Training days: work with external market access specialists to deliver up to date knowledge, tailored to your products and stakeholders, by arranging training days, workshops or flexible eLearning modules the team can complete at their leisure.

Interested in upskilling?

We offer a range of bespoke market access training, suitable for a variety of biotech and pharmaceutical participants, in global, regional and local positions. Thanks to our in-house design team, our expertise in pricing, health economics and market access can be translated into a range of flexible formats including eLearning, presentations and workshops.

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