Head of agencies HAG

Head Of Agencies High Level Strategic Exchange and Discussion


The Head of Agencies Group (HAG) is a recently launched network created by the European Health Technology Assessment (HTA) agencies with the aim to facilitate collaborative “high-level strategic exchange and discussion”.

The HAG is intended to work alongside the EUnetHTA 21 consortium, which is in charge of preparing the HTA regulation of upcoming joint clinical assessments and joint consultation activities.

What are their objectives?

  • Establishing the framework for pan-European HTA cooperation
  • Supporting the development of national systems and functions for the establishment of the HTA regulation
  • Assisting the joint work conducted across European HTA bodies at a scientific and technical level
  • Guiding policy makers and EU institutions in affairs concerning HTA collaboration

Who is in the HAG?

HTA bodies that have joined the network so far include:

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