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Spain’s Ministry of Health copies NICE, and asks pharma’s for their economic evaluations


The Ministry of Health seems convinced that it does not have sufficient resources to prepare adequate economic evaluations of the new medicines that are marketed in Spain. For this reason, and following in the footsteps of other European countries including the UK, it will ask pharmaceutical companies to submit their economic evaluation studies to be reviewed later, something that requires less public resources than ad hoc preparation.

“We are going to copy the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and we are going to ask the laboratories for their economic evaluations and we will make a critical reading,” said Carlos Martín Saborido, advisory member of the General Directorate of Common Portfolio of Services of the SNS and Pharmacy.

This indicates that very soon the holders of the marketing authorization will begin to be asked for these pharmacoeconomic studies. In addition, the Ministry is working on a manual, a guide that includes the characteristics that these evaluations must have, which will then be analysed through published checklists to verify that it has been “faithful to the methodology”. With that, the advisory member considers that “transparency will be gained”.

This new approach to the incorporation of economic evaluations into decision-making will also allow all new drugs, “100%”, emphasizes Martín Saborido, that are marketed in five years will have their economic evaluation.


Sanidad pedirá a los laboratorios sus evaluaciones económicas, que revisará para decidir financiación y fijar precio

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