Pricing and market access launch challenges

What are the pricing and market access launch challenges facing companies today?


The results of our survey are in!

Over the last 3 months, we have been conducting a survey to understand drivers and challenges for a successful PMA launch, and the areas that can be improved for future launches. We are delighted to say that we have received fabulous feedback, with responses from at least 15 industry executives across global pharma companies.

Key findings include:

  • Internal company barriers (e.g. budget/personnel) are rarely considered a significant challenge by pricing and market access teams.
  • Pricing and market access teams now form a core part of the Commercial launch team and are considered a ‘strategic partner’ in 31% of cases.
  • Most recent pricing and market access launches faced evidence challenges during payer negotiations, such as endpoint and comparator selection, and patient subpopulation data.
  • Pricing and market access teams must be involved earlier in the clinical development process to ensure that the necessary clinical and economic evidence is available at launch.
  • Finally, Senior Leadership should be educated as to EU price expectations and evidence requirements, to maintain sufficient investment to maximise pricing and market access launch success.

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