Payer willingness to pay
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Payer willingness to pay


Understanding payer willingness to pay for a novel dermatologic therapy

Review of secondary literature and clinical trial databases to understand the competitive clinical development landscape.

The challenge

The client sought our expertise to help determine the payers willingness to pay and the potential market access environment for a novel treatment. The treatment would be the first on-label treatment for the given therapy area and therefore, there was limited understanding of market access within this disease area. The client wanted to gain an understanding of payer willingness to pay and determine the likely clinical and economic payer requirements needed to secure cover/reimbursement.

The solution

Remap Consulting conducted an adapted rapid review structured around four key pricing and market access questions. In order to provide answers to these a review of secondary literature and clinical trial databases was conducted to determine current treatment options, treatment guidelines as well as the competitive clinical development landscape. A range of case studies from within the dermatology space were used to determine potential payer willingness to pay, reimbursement level as well as payers’ clinical and economic evidence needs.

Value to the client

  • Understood the market access landscape
  • Identified important payer endpoints and how the estimated value of the product compared to other treatments
  • Helped the client in the planning of market access activities for this novel drug
  • Supported the clinical development for the project
  • Used the outputs to inform decisions on future directions within this disease area


Great work you have developed and I really appreciate the quality you have delivered with the limited information available.

Head of Global Patient Access

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