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Securing the optimum launch price for a novel pharmaceutical product across 31 EU countries



Our client sought our expertise to support them in the development and submission of the optimum pricing dossiers for their novel product across 31 European markets covered by EMA’s centralised procedure.

Our approach

Landscape assessment

We completed a landscape assessment, segmenting EU countries based on healthcare system characteristics, pricing and reimbursement requirements, and market potential. This segmentation guided our strategic thinking, enabling us to optimise pricing decisions.

Evidence gap analysis

We conducted a detailed evidence gap analysis to identify and mitigate gaps in the product’s evidence base. This involved leveraging real-world data, clinical studies and health economics analyses to strengthen the product’s value proposition.

Launch price materials

We then developed launch price materials aligned with the company’s pricing and reimbursement strategy. These materials included compelling value propositions, evidence-based pricing justifications and competitive positioning strategies.

Pricing dossier submission

We executed country specific pricing dossier submissions across the 31 European countries, ensuring compliance with local regulations, addressing HTA requirements and navigating pricing negotiations effectively.

Value to the client

Our tailored approach not only secured EU launch prices aligned with the client’s expectations but also provided a strategic advantage in the competitive landscape. This facilitated broader patient access while optimising market penetration and long-term commercial success for the novel pharmaceutical product.

You guys are awesome. Your expertise and responsiveness are second to none. Without your support we could never have achieved an EU launch.


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