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NHS England and NICE consultations on the Antimicrobial Products Subscription Model proposal underway


NHS England and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) are set to consult on the expansion of a unique antimicrobial subscription program, following the success of a pilot project initiated in 2019.

The consultation will run until  October 2, 2023, and aims to gather feedback from stakeholders on how best to scale the initiative.

What’s unique about this model? Instead of traditional volume-based pricing, it sets a fixed annual fee for antimicrobial products, determined by their assessed value to the NHS through health technology assessment.

Why is this important? This approach seeks to tackle the growing concern of antimicrobial resistance (AMR), a global health crisis estimated to cause 700,000 deaths annually—with projections reaching a staggering 10 million by 2050 if left unchecked

The consultation comes as part of the UK Government’s broader action plan on AMR, focused on antibiotic stewardship and infection prevention and control. Open to anyone with an interest in the subject, the consultation aims to refine the details of a subscription-style contract that could potentially include more antimicrobial products.

The World Bank warns that if AMR is not adequately addressed, an additional 28 million people globally could be pushed into extreme poverty by 2050. The gravity of the AMR threat is acknowledged worldwide, compelling governments, international agencies, researchers, and private companies to seek effective solutions urgently

You have the power to make a difference! đź’¬ Participate in the consultation by completing the online questionnaire here 👉 Your feedback will shape future policies aimed at curbing the dangers posed by AMR. Let’s join forces to create a healthier, more resilient world.


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