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NICE announces the development of a new rapid review process to update recommendations on COVID-19 treatments. 


NICE has announced that development is ongoing for a new rapid review process to update recommendations based on the clinical and cost-effectiveness. This process is being developed with the aim to deliver treatments more quickly to patients to combat new variants if these treatments show promise and are cost-effective. The surveillance process to spot emerging variance and evidence that medicines continue to be effective is already in place. A public consultation for proposals for the new rapid review process will be launched from April 3. 

Helen Knight, director of medicines evaluation at NICE, stated: “The rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19 means we need to have a way of establishing the cost effectiveness of existing medicines against current variants in an agile way. That is why we are developing a process to monitor real world data and re-evaluate the medicines as needed against that data in a faster way than we currently do for other drugs”. The aim of this new rapid review process is to produce updated recommendations from 6-8 weeks after determining the effectiveness of the medicine.  


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