AstraZenecas Imfinzi approved for routine NHS use
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UK: AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi approved for routine NHS use after CDF funding


NHS England has announced that AstraZeneca’s Imfinzi (durvalumab) has been approved by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) for routine use in the national health service (NHS) after a commercial deal was reached between the NHS and manufacturer.

Durvalumab was previously made available to NHS patients in 2019 through the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) to enable more data to be collected on the drug’s clinical and cost-effectiveness. This additional data has now enabled NICE to make a final recommendation on the drug’s routine use in the NHS.  

According to NHS England, the new treatment will be offered to more than 550 patients a year with advanced non-small-cell lung cancer who have already undergone both chemotherapy and radiotherapy concurrently. The drug can double the overall survival time for patients with aggressive lunch cancer from two and a half to five years.  

 Source:, “Hundreds of patients to get life-extending lung cancer drug on the NHS”, 13th May 2022 

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