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NICE recommends Talazoparib for advanced breast cancer


In a significant development, NICE has revised its initial draft decision and is now set to endorse talazoparib, marketed as Talzenna, for adult patients with BRCA 1 or 2 mutated HER2-negative locally advanced or metastatic breast cancer post-chemotherapy, which will benefit 300 patients following price agreement. This shift follows Pfizer’s proposal of a substantial price reduction for talazoparib.  This decision is particularly notable considering the current absence of targeted treatments for this advanced breast cancer variant on the NHS, where options are notably sparse. 

Helen Knight, NICE’s Director of Medicines Evaluation, highlighted the significance of this development. She pointed out that talazoparib, a once-daily oral medication, offers greater convenience compared to the hospital visits required for intravenous chemotherapy. Despite some residual uncertainties in clinical evidence, Knight emphasized that the notable discount from Pfizer and the profound impact of advanced breast cancer on life quality and duration justify recommending talazoparib for NHS use. 

Talazoparib operates as a PARP inhibitor, targeting and decelerating the growth of specific cancer cells, making this update a noteworthy advancement in breast cancer treatment options. Clinical trial data revealed that talazoparib extends progression free survival compared to chemotherapy, although it doesn’t necessarily prolong overall survival. 

Once the draft guidance becomes available next month, NICE will have consistently supported all 20 breast cancer treatment appraisals completed since 2018.  



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