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AIFA publishes report on pharmaceutical national and regional expenditure in 2023


The latest AIFA report on “Monitoring of National and Regional Pharmaceutical Expenditure” for January-December 2023 reveals insights into Italy’s pharmaceutical expenditure and adherence to budgetary constraints.

  • Net expenditure: The net expenditure for Italy in 2023 was €7,700.7 million, showing a slight increase of €25.5 million from the previous year.
  • Direct Purchases The cap was 7.95% of the national healthcare expenditure need (the total expenditure required to meet the healthcare needs of the nation). However, spending reached €13.49 billion, exceeding the cap by €3.36 billion.
  • Conventional Pharmaceutical Spending: The cap was set at 7.00% of the national healthcare expenditure need, amounting to €8.92 billion. Actual spending was €8.08 billion, staying within the cap and generating a surplus of €832.9 million
  • Innovative Medicines: Expenditure on innovative medicines was €770.2 million (net of payback). This spending is aligned with the innovative medicines fund established by the government.
  • Payback Contributions: Pharmaceutical companies paid a 1.83% payback to regions, amounting to €163.5 million, and contributed a total of €424.2 million through various payback mechanisms
  • Consumption Trends:
    • The number of prescriptions increased slightly by 0.6% to 567.3 million.
    • The total daily doses dispensed decreased by 1.3%, highlighting a trend towards more efficient pharmaceutical use.

Despite efforts to control costs, Italy’s pharmaceutical expenditure in 2023 has surged, highlighting the critical challenge of balancing healthcare needs and budgetary constraints.


AIFA. Monitoring of Pharmaceutical expenditure. Published on 08 July 2024.

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