COVID-19 pandemic shaping industry

How has the COVID-19 pandemic shaped the UK pharmaceuticals industry


Over a year after the first lockdown was announced in the UK we take a brief look at trends and changes in the UK pharmaceutical landscape.

Rep Communications

As the number of face to face and remote rep to HCP contacts begins to stabilise across the EU4 and UK, in the United Kingdom remote interactions still prevail. They account for around 75% of overall contacts despite the growing number of F2F interactions as lockdown restrictions ease..

Use of Channels

Email is by far the most popular communication channel , accounting for 49% of interactions in the UK. It is followed by postal mailing, 27%, and e-detailing, 8%.

COVID-19 Vaccinations

Leading the way
Globally, the UK ranks 3rd for the number of fully vaccinated people. It also ranks first for the number of vaccine doses per capita in the EU4 and UK at 84.5 per 100 people. Germany is second and France last with 49.5 and 43.9 doses per 100 people respectively.

Positive attitudes

UK’s vaccination levels may be linked to its citizen’s positive attitudes towards the vaccines. IQVIA’s survey found that whilst 67.2% of UK citizens said they’d get a vaccine tomorrow if one was available, only 38.6% said the same in France.

Market Growth

Heading in the right direction

Currently, the market is quite unstable with large peaks in growth falling down to negative units in the same months. However, overall, the UK market is showcasing positive growth through slight and somewhat slow recovery.

UK pharma market growth
source: Impact of COVID-19 on the Pharmaceutical Market – EU4 & UK Report, page 46, IQVIA, published June 1st 2021

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