Proposals aimed at building together our future in health
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France: Leem puts forward proposals aimed at “building together our future in “health”


Ahead of the upcoming French Presidential elections, the pharmaceutical industry association (Leem) has put forward proposals aimed at “building together our future in health”. The association proposes concentrating efforts around four primary objectives, namely:

Making France the European leader in medicines by supporting research and innovation

  • Establish a health innovation agency
  • Pursue efforts to develop clinical research in France
  • Develop a biotechnology strategy
  • Ensure taxation is attractive for encouraging investment in research

Focusing on reindustrialisation

  • Define a strategy for the relocalisation of production of raw materials and medicines of strategic importance
  • Put in place a taxation policy which is adapted to the challenges of strengthening health autonomy

Making patient access to treatment a national priority

  • Consolidate the new early access mechanisms
  • Define a budget which responds both to health needs and the needs of financing innovation
  • Develop a multi-annual healthcare strategy to give greater stability

Reforming medicines policy to ensure simplicity and efficiency

  • Make healthcare policy a government priority
  • Ensure leadership is adapted to government ambitions, for example by the creation of a ministry responsible for research, industry and innovation.

Sources:, “Les propositions du Leem pour la présidentielle 2022”, 13th January 2022

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