National body ensures CCG decisions are consistent

National body to ensure CCG decisions for patient access to treatments are consistent


There needs to be a national body to examine CCG decisions ensuring that patient access to treatments is consistent across the country according to a report published this week by the Medical Technology Group (MTG) which members consist of patient groups, charities and medical device manufacturers.

Following a series of FOI requests to CCGs, MTG said a number of CCGs are currently restricting access to procedures such as cataract surgery, hernia repair, hip and knee replacements, and glucose monitoring.

As many as 104 of the 195 CCGs in England list cataract surgery among the procedure deemed to have ‘limited clinical value’, MTG found, despite NICE guidance in 2017 concluding that the procedure is cost-effective, as it has a ‘high success rate improving visual function, with low morbidity and mortality’.

Read the full article courtesy of Valeria Fiore here

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