Annual CSR Report 2023/24



At Remap Consulting, we recognise that being a responsible corporate citizen requires a strong commitment to following environmental practices and reducing our impact where possible.

We are aware of the growing efforts towards sustainability within the healthcare sector, and this aligns with our own values of fostering sustainability through responsible practices and solutions that minimise our environmental impact and enhance community well-being.

Our commitment is to continuously improve our operations and services while supporting Remap Consulting and the healthcare community’s sustainable development goals. We hope our efforts will contribute tonsuring a sustainable and prosperous future for all.

This is our annual report to capture our achievements over the previous year and share our ambitions for the next year to provide measurable KPIs which hold us accountable for our actions. Over the last year, we participated in numerous activities, such as ecological park maintenance and sponsored runs to support our colleagues, the community, and the environment.

Our Priorities

Local Community

Having a sense of community unites us. Being a part of a community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with people, reach for our goals, and makes us feel safe and secure.

Supporting Sustainability

Here at Remap, we recognise that being a responsible corporate citizen requires a strong commitment to following environmental practices and reducing our environmental impact where possible.

Employee Wellbeing

At Remap we recognise the importance of ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees and aspire to create a work environment where employees feel supported and are able to flourish and reach their full potential.

Local Community

In June, our team participated in a CSR event where we contributed to the community by helping maintain the grounds at a local ecology park. We worked together to pull out thistles, weeds, and brambles, making the park more welcoming for visitors and ensuring its preservation for the local wildlife.

Every year, we vote on a charity to support. In 2023, we proudly supported Francis House and Humans MCR. For 2024, we have chosen to support Manchester Mind, while continuing our food collection efforts for Humans MCR.

Manchester Mind is a mental health charity in England and Wales that empowers those facing mental health challenges through advice and support. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness, and promote understanding.

Humans MCR is a food poverty charity based in Manchester and their work seeks to give respect, health, dignity, and hope to those in our communities via a suite of short and long-term solutions that tackle the food insecurity faced by residents in Greater Manchester.

Francis House Children’s Hospice is a lifeline to more than 500 families across Greater Manchester. The charity provides high levels of clinical care to the families of children and young adults with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

Last year, we pledged to raise £1,000 for Humans MCR and Francis House and we are thrilled to share that we exceeded this goal. Our team were involved in fundraising events across the year, including the Great Manchester Run. We also hosted a fantastic Book & Bake sale at our Alderley Park offices, and regularly collect food items for donation.

Supporting Sustainability

In 2021, we established our own set of comprehensive environmental policies, reflecting our commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. We expect all employees to adhere to these measures, which include reducing the use of printed materials, replacing single-use cups with reusable alternatives, and participating in ongoing environmental awareness training. These actions are designed to minimise waste and promote a culture of sustainability within our organisation.

EcoVadis is the largest and most trusted provider of sustainability assessments for SMEs, supporting over 90,000 companies in 200 industries worldwide with universal sustainability ratings.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been accredited with a Silver Sustainability Rating for 2024. This places Remap in the top 15% of all companies assessed, across 21 sustainability criteria, including Environmental, Labour & Human Rights, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement.

Our dedication to sustainability extends beyond our immediate actions. We are continuously evaluating and updating our policies to incorporate the latest best practices and technological advancements in environmental conservation. This proactive approach ensures that we remain at the forefront of sustainability efforts, making meaningful contributions to the preservation of our planet for future generations

Employee Wellbeing

We are dedicated to supporting their emotional, mental, and physical health both in the office and at home. Every three months, we meet up for a team bonding activity. Some the activities this year include: a group visit to the Crystal Maze in Manchester, a ‘Taskmaster’ afternoon at Alderley Park and trying out our cooking skills – and getting to eat the delicious results – at Wilmslow cookery school.

Just as we encourage our employees to take action for sustainability, we also use regular LinkedIn posts to inspire our colleagues and wider network to prioritise their wellbeing. Over the past year, we organised an internal bingo game during Mental Health Awareness Week to motivate colleagues to engage in activities that support their mental health.

Employee Support

With the arrival of our Senior Director of People and Culture in November 2023, Remap Consulting now has dedicated internal HR support focused on employee well-being and growth.

We have established a DEI group with 10 active members who share content on cultural identities and highlight events such as Chinese New Year, Ramadan, and Holi. Additionally, we have two trained mental health first aiders to support employees facing challenges at work.

New internal policies include flexible working arrangements, a menstruation policy, and a menopause policy to foster a more inclusive work environment.

We adhere to our equality policy and the Equality Act 2010, promoting a diverse workforce. Employees voluntarily completed our new ‘Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form’ for ongoing monitoring purposes.

Explore our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion webpage here.

Our 2024/25 Pledges

As our team grows at Remap, we are excited about the progress we can make in supporting our local community and the environment while ensuring a supportive work environment. In the coming year, we aim to:

Raise Money for Charity – Raise £100 for Manchester Mind before FY 2024/25.

CSR Policies

  • Commit to annual whole-team training on CSR and environmental policies
  • Ensure our environmental and CSR policies are kept up to date, and make new employees aware of best practice

Achieve Silver Rating – Achieve an EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating in 2025 and work towards Gold by improving our sustainability practises and green procurement.

Monitor Carbon Footprint

  • Track greenhouse gas emissions with the ambition to lower output per staff member
  • Reduce travel-related emissions by choosing the green option where possible

Promote Our Health

  • Host a mental health lunch & learn
  • Host a pride and unconscious bias training
  • Team away days and volunteering


We’re incredibly proud of our Corporate Social Responsibility team and look forward to their continued success.

We’d like to offer special thanks to the team for their hard work:

Charlie Hewitt – Director
Lauren Boland – Consultant
Sam Bean – Senior Analyst

Aoife Taylor – Analyst

We hope you found Remap Consulting’s Annual CSR Report 2023/24 insightful and informative. You’re welcome to download a copy below.

If you’d like to share anything or hear how we can support you in getting your product to market, please get in touch.

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