DEI ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak!


Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and one of the five pillars of Islam, holds profound significance for over one billion Muslims worldwide. This sacred month is marked by fasting, prayer, and acts of charity, embodying the core values of the Islamic faith.

During Ramadan, Muslims embark on a journey of self-reflection and gratitude, seeking to deepen their connection with their spirituality and with each other. It is a time for strengthening bonds with family and friends, as well as giving back to the community through acts of kindness and generosity.

For many, the daily rhythm of Ramadan is defined by the pre-dawn meal, known as suhoor or sehri, and the breaking of the fast at sunset, or iftar, with dates, water, or milk. These rituals are not just acts of devotion; they serve as powerful reminders of the shared experiences and struggles of all Muslims worldwide.

In my Pakistani Muslim household, preparing for iftar is a cherished tradition. My family and I gather to make samosas and spring rolls, filling them with spiced potatoes, peas and lamb mince or shredded chicken. Though not every pastry turns out perfect, it is infused with love and shared with joy, reminding me of the blessings of togetherness, especially with my family.

Community plays a pivotal role in Ramadan, with Muslims around the globe coming together to share meals and prayers, transcending geographical boundaries, and fostering a profound sense of unity. Despite the distances that separate my family (Canada to Australia!), Ramadan serves as a poignant reminder to reconnect and check in with loved ones through messages or calls, wishing each other ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

As Ramadan commences today, 11th March, let us embrace the values of generosity, compassion, empathy that define this holy month. Manahill and Remap extend heartfelt wishes to all those observing Ramadan, may it be a time of spiritual growth, unity, and peace. Ramadan Mubarak!

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