Reusable water bottles are not on our agenda

Sustainability: Why reusable water bottles are not on our agenda

Kirsty and Beth holding their own reusable water bottles

Sustainability: Our first steps and why we said ‘no’ to branded reusable bottles 

Recently we held our first company-wide sustainability meeting! We’re very excited to be embarking on our very own journey to become eco-friendly. This meeting was the first of many to establish how, as a company, we can embed more sustainable practices into the day to day.

Company branded reusable bottles are everywhere at the moment. From the contents of new starter packs on LinkedIn to targeted ads on Facebook. Naturally, they also made it onto the agenda of our meeting.

However, following everyone’s initial excitement, we soon realised that many of us in fact already owned flasks of our own. This brought us back to reconsider what the meeting was initially about.

It is easy to get excited about new initiatives, things that we see others doing and things that are, in some ways, trendy. But upon reflection it felt like buying branded bottles would be closer to the definition of over-consumption than sustainability in our case.

And that’s why you’ll see Kirsty and Beth proudly holding their own flasks at our recent team day out as we opted against the Instagrammable merch.

Bottles decided against, we’re excited to tell you that we are currently finalising many exciting, sustainable initiatives and look forward to sharing the entire journey with you via our newsletter!

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