Market access training for speciality products

Market access training for speciality products


Securing patient access in specialty products is becoming increasingly challenging due to the complexities involved. This means that pharma companies need to invest in educating their teams on the Market Access implications of different countries in order to align local affiliates with global goals.

Market Access Leads, leverage our proven pricing and market access training program to give their teams the tools and knowledge required to understand the different requirements of healthcare payers in the EU.

market access training

Our experienced team have provided and delivered numerous trainings covering various market access topics in the healthcare arena:

  • We provide training and advice to pharma companies on how to optimise the clinical development and commercial launch of new products
  • We are regular guest lecturers at Universities and Business schools
  • We frequently present on cutting edge pricing and market access training topics at international events and conferences
  • We partner with CEL for Pharma delivering open enrolment training courses within the field of market access

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