Market access training survey results

The results of our market training survey are in!


Over the last 3 months, we have been conducting a survey to understand how pricing and market access is regarded within your company, and what your company is actively doing to enhance its market access capabilities. We are delighted to say that we have received a fabulous response, with 32 responses from at least 17 different companies. Given the variety in personnel and companies, we can provide granular, in-depth insights into key topics regarding pricing and market access training and capabilities, including:

  • How market access is defined by different companies?
  • What are the key market access challenges they are facing?
  • What extent do different teams receive market access training?
  • What are the priority needs for market access training for companies?

Key learnings from respondents include that whilst pricing and market access is viewed as one of the major challenges facing manufacturers, market access teams across the industry are often under-resourced, or feel that they are lacking the knowledge and expertise to navigate a dynamic and challenging payer landscape.

Furthermore, “Market access” is not consistently defined across the industry, nor within companies in some instances. Market access training is rarely provided for Medical Affairs or Clinical Development teams, and existing training programmes often exclude key topics such as managed entry agreements, health economics, health technology assessments and real-world evidence.

Most respondents believe that training in market access for Medical Affairs and Commercial teams would be beneficial, and that implementing more comprehensive market access training programmes would enhance business success. Despite resourcing and expertise limitations, companies currently rely heavily on internal teams to deliver their market access training, with external providers used in only a limited manner.

Download a full copy of the white paper and find out more about the survey results here Remap survey final report 1_2

Thank you again for your terrific response – we hope that the outputs from it will prove valuable, and encourage the adoption of a more proactive, structured and cross-functional approach to market access across the industry.

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