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The EU has a new project to find payment models for high priced drugs


A project has been set up to combat the high prices of some drugs by adding to the policy tool kit and by having more pricing and payment models. Although there are some examples of novel pricing models the lack of appropriate infrastructure, legal obstacles and slow adaption of current systems prevent these models from being used.

Therefore, a project, HI-PRIX, has been set up with the aim to combat this. The project has involvement from 10 European countries with representatives from academic institutions, public authorities, healthcare providers and independent research institutes. The goals of the project are:

  • The mapping and formulation of new pricing and payment models that can be used in different technology classes, therapeutic areas, settings and healthcare systems/geographies, along with a set of principles that allow for successful adaptation and flexible implementation to the specific context of use
  • Reviewing different contractual arrangements for impacts on competitiveness, innovation, fair access and affordability
  • Addressing the challenges and concerns of payers, manufacturers, healthcare professionals and patients regarding different pricing models through dialogue between stakeholders and possible trade-offs between affordability, innovation and patient access


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