Annual CSR Report 2022



Employee wellbeing, our local community and the environment has always been a core value at Remap Consulting. To showcase this, in 2021 we formed a dedicated corporate social responsibility (CSR) team and over the past year have significantly increased our efforts to support CSR by introducing several policies and procedures which support our colleagues, the community, and the environment.

This report will be the first of our annual CSR reports which aim to capture our achievements over the previous year and share our ambitions for the next year, in order to provide measurable KPIs which hold us accountable for our actions.

Our Priorities

Local Community

Having a sense of community unites us. Being a part of a community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us opportunities to connect with people, reach for our goals, and makes us feel safe and secure.

Supporting Sustainability

Here at Remap, we recognise that being a responsible corporate citizen requires a strong commitment to following environmental practices and reducing our environmental impact where possible.

Employee Wellbeing

At Remap we recognise the importance of ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees and aspire to create a work environment where employees feel supported and are able to flourish and reach their full potential.

Local Community

Remap takes great pride in supporting our local community and over the past five years, we have sponsored and fundraised for the East Cheshire Hospice (ECH), a local charity based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

The hospice is a warm and welcoming space for adults facing life-limiting illnesses and helps members of our community when they need it most. We’re proud to have raised over £3000 through numerous charity events for ECH in the past five years.

This year we waved a fond farewell to the ECH, so that we may support other charities in desperate need. Discussing as a team, we struggled to choose just one charity, so this year we have pledged to raise a total of £500 across two brilliant charities: Humans MCR and Francis House Children’s Hospice.

Humans MCR is a food poverty charity based in Manchester and their work seeks to give respect, health, dignity, and hope to those in our communities via a suite of short and long-term solutions that tackle the food insecurity faced by residents in Greater Manchester.

Francis House Children’s Hospice is a lifeline to more than 500 families across Greater Manchester. The charity provides high levels of clinical care to the families of children and young adults with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.

Our dedicated charity team have been working hard and has already scheduled several events, including an Easter knit challenge, the Manchester 10k run, the Chester Dragon Boat festival and the Tatton Yule Yomp at Christmastime. Watch this space to see photos of the team getting together, having fun, and raising money for these much deserving charities.

Supporting Sustainability

In 2021 we created our own set of environmental policies which we expect employees to uphold. Some of the measures introduced include decreasing the use of printed material, replacing disposable, single-use cups with multi-use alternatives as well as participating in ongoing environmental awareness training.

Additionally, whilst travel is a key component of any global business endeavour, we’ll continue to find ways to mitigate and reduce its impact and decrease our carbon footprint, even as our team grows. Our focus includes emphasis on teleconferencing and telecommuting – which have become essential during COVID-19 restrictions. Additionally, we seek to optimise employee travel by promoting transportation alternatives wherever possible, including public transport such as train travel, ridesharing and bicycle commuting.

EcoVadis is the largest and most trusted provider of sustainability assessments for SMEs, supporting over 90,000 companies in 200 industries worldwide with universal sustainability ratings.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been accredited with a Bronze Sustainability Rating for 2022. This means that as a company, we have the policies and procedures in place to monitor and improve our environmental, labour & human rights and ethical policies and remain accountable to our pledges.

However, our commitment doesn’t stop there. Working at the stunning Alderley Park, our team is passionate about the environment and its local wildlife, and in March took part in a lunchtime litter pick to help clean up the parkland.

Our team also dedicated an entire day to helping restore and support our local National Trust site in Alderley Edge and had a great time helping the Trust conserve the natural wildlife by building a dedicated path for walkers.

Employee Wellbeing

There are a number of resources available to employees internally, including a dedicated Health and Wellbeing page on our Learning Central; an online platform designed to support the development (both professionally and pastorally) of our employees.

The page, which is accessible to all employees at any time, is home to a plethora of resources and activities to increase awareness, educate and encourage small changes to improve our wellbeing. There are also links to external organisations such as Mind and Samaritans for external support if needed.

We’re dedicated to supporting our employee’s emotional, mental, and physical health, whether working in the office or at home, which is why for 2022, we’ve incorporated employee wellbeing into our CSR plan (image below). We’re still planning this year’s activities, but we’re excited to launch ‘Wellness Wednesdays’ in April, in support of Stress Awareness Month. As part of this initiative, we’ll share weekly tips and activities with the team including yoga, raise awareness of the causes of stress and remedies to manage stress & burnout and encourage our team to foster small changes to improve their wellbeing.

Our Next Steps

In the past year Remap Consulting has had several CSR achievements and is making good progress on our road to sustainability. We are keen to keep up the momentum during the year ahead, so this year we aim to:

Raise Money for Charity – Raise £500 for Humans MCR and Francis House Children’s Hospice charities before 2023

Monitor Carbon Footprint – By logging travel, energy usage and so on, to identify areas where it could be lowered.

Achieve Silver Rating – Achieve an EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating Accreditation in 2023 by improving our sustainability practises and updating some of our policies.

Encourage Eco-Friendliness – Continue to maintain and support our local environment through dedicated team days out and the internal promotion of sustainable practices both at work and at home.

Promote Our Health – Continue with our rollout of “Wellness Wednesdays” across April and plan further activities thought the year to foster employee wellbeing.


We hope you found Remap Consulting’s Annual CSR Report 2022 insightful and informative. You’re welcome to download a copy here.

We’re incredibly proud of our newly formed Corporate Social Responsibility team and look forward to their continued success.

We’d like to offer special thanks to the team for their hard work:

Elisabeth Clarke – Senior Analyst
Leslie Molina – Senior Analyst
Lauren Boland – Analyst
Lauren Morris – Analyst

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