HTAi Annual Meeting 2024


Health Technology Assessment international (HTAi) is a global society focused on the production, use, and understanding of Health Technology Assessment (HTA). It provides a platform for exchanging information, methods, and expertise, supporting policy and decision-making. With members from over 60 countries, HTAi is a dynamic global network.

The theme for this year’s annual meeting is “A Turning Point for HTA? Sustainability, Networks and Innovation.” The meeting will address the challenges posed by new technologies in healthcare, emphasising the need for diverse expertise and global collaboration to generate reliable evidence and build regulatory mechanisms. The focus will be on growing valuable networks and supporting the evaluation of innovative healthcare solutions. Explore more here.

We’re delighted to announce that our director, Charles Hewitt, attended this year’s meeting. Charlie brings over 10 years of experience in PMA projects for pharmaceutical and biotech clients across Europe. His expertise covers HTA scientific advice, value propositions, pricing, reimbursement landscape analyses, and payer advisory boards.

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