International Horizon Scanning Initiative

The International Horizon Scanning Initiative (IHSI)


3 Things to know about the IHSI

Horizon scanning, often conducted by national research bodies, also called the International Horizon Scanning Initiative, is the systematic approach to identifying new health technologies being developed in early phase trials in order to prepare and plan for new drugs.

What is the IHSI?

The IHSI is an independent legal entity, with representatives from eight member countries.

The official mission of the IHSI is to “provide data that empowers political decision-makers and payer organisation negotiators to drive for better pricing in medicinal products”, primarily through joint horizon scanning activities

It is hoped that a joint database will allow countries to both identify upcoming innovative drugs, and collaborate on strategic planning for their pricing and reimbursement.

What is their recent announcement?

The IHSI have recently contracted ECRI (a US-based healthcare supplier) to develop a horizon scanning database for drugs entering the European market in the next 2.5 years (phase 2 of clinical studies).

As part of the contract, ECRI will also develop twice-yearly ‘High-Impact Reports’, covering eight major therapeutic areas categories (below). These reports will identify drugs and drug classes expected to have a large impact to their therapeutic area.

What is the potential impact?

The latest announcement by the IHSI is part of a wider European movement to collaborate on key aspects of the launch process.

Greater visibility of upcoming innovative products will likely provide payers with support for more informed decision-making (e.g. better awareness of future budget disrupters).

The group’s working assumption is that prices for new pharmaceutical products can be reduced on average by minimum 1%, as a result of data-driven negotiations.

This could result in tougher pricing negotiations, greater need to differentiate clinically against existing treatment options.

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